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Our job is to build relationships.

Our goal is happiness.

Our success is measured in healthy lives.

We don't talk to patients

we talk to people

Good outcomes, it turns out, are the natural result of great conversations. We prove that day after day.

Every year, millions of people are discharged from hospitals and care centers. If it were up to us, we would take care of every one of them…Including all of yours.

How it works.

Contacts to Patients

Alerts to Problems


Person at a time

There is power in knowing that

your people are our people too.

Your patient was successfully discharged. So what comes next?

Through a series of conversations, we conduct warm and kind-hearted interactions over an extended period of time. In other words, we take over where you left off. In doing so, we turn both unforeseen health obstacles and troubled patient experiences into positive opportunities where everyone benefits, including your patients, your facility and you.

We don’t usually pat ourselves on the back, but…

We’re exceptionally good at giving your patients get the attention they need once they’ve left your facility. Considering what’s on the line, that’s extremely important, don’t you think?

Successfully contacted 88% of all client patients and families once discharged.

Reduced litigation by 94%

Decreased negative Google reviews 90%


Increase in readmission rates for our client facilities


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